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    According to ancient eastern wisdom the feet are a mirror image of the body and that every organ in the human body is connected to a corresponding pressure point in the foot.
    Our therapists use the reflex zones and energy lines of the feet to produce a deeply relaxing experience, benefiting the body as a whole.
    Our carefully crafted rituals use only natural ingredients along with the purest essential oils to revitalize and rejuvenate you.
    In the rituals our therapist will also scrub, buff, clip & trim to give you the perfect nails & feet.
    Truly, a sole to soul experience…….
    Tatha is totally committed to provide pure, natural, safe and effective products, thereby, enhancing and enriching the lives of all those we touch. All our products are handmade under strict quality supervision and are paraben, sulphate and chemical free and are not tested on animals. We use, only recyclable glass bottles for storing our products to maintain its purity, as we are aware that plastic containers react with the essential ingredients used in aromatherapy and loses its potency.

    Our services at tatha Salon works towards reestablishing harmony & balance. The Body Spa's at Tatha helps in detoxification, facilitates rejuvenation, facilitates in staying healthy.