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slow and steady
Slow & Steady
Musician Mc Chon wants to discover new talented singers and give them a big break. The singer & guitarist is currently in kolkata, performing for the first time in the city of Virgose, Hotel Hindusthan International.
food court
Food Court
The Eye Club at HHI is all set to surprise you. The restaurant is serving innovation Chinese delicacies creafted to perfection by chefs trained under the master chef Chang Lee from Singapore.
HHI Pune
Hotel Hindusthan International announced its foray in Maharashtra with the launch of its new property in Pune. The hotel is due to open shortly as per Government compliance.
Meet the Chef
The Mythh, as HHI hosts Munch on China, a Chinese food festival. The dishes have been specially prepared by Chef Chang Lee, who has been flown in from Singapore.
Healthy Choices
Healthy Choices
Mythh at HHI has thought up the perfect fruit-based feast, called Fruitonomics, to help the city recover from a sweltering summer.
Tryout Taurus
Tryout Taurus
Treat yourself to a special cocktail inspired by the signs of the Zodiac. These cocktails are only available at Hindusthan International Hotel, Kolkata.
Goa Resort
Five star hospitality chain Hotel Hindusthan International (HHI) Group is planning to open a 40 - Villa Resort in Goa by next year.
beat the heat
Beat the Heat
Want to sooth your parched throats with something ice cold and fruity ? Drop into Hotel Hindusthan International for just the right dose of summer coolers.
shake it up
Shake It Up !
A luxury HHI hotel in Pune has created a special cocktail menu for the season. We recommend the Vodka based cocktail with Vanilla ice cream.