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Eye-catching and tempting.Attractive and inviting. The beautifully garnished dishes at Valentino, Mythh’s Italian section, are truly a feast for your eyes. The quaint and cosy fine dining has 40 covers and is open for both lunch and dinner. It’s time to explore Italian cuisine beyond pastas and pizzas. Time to give in to the unmatched assortment of authentic Italian delicacies in the inimitable ambience.

Paired with choicest of spirits the private PDR menu has an Italian 7 course TDH menu available in both Veg and Non-Veg. The exclusive Single Malt trail menu is a treasure hold of premium single malts. The privileged guests of the restaurant are often invited for a wine dinner which is complimented with a 4 course food menu. The joint is not only a reservoir of exclusive Italian wines gathered from various parts of Italy, but also keeps a good collection of finest scotch and vodkas.

For impeccable quality assurance and to maintain the authenticity of each and every dish, the ingredients used to prepare the food are all imported and approved by Italian embassy and the Govt. With the right selection of irresistible toppings the hand tossed pizzas are baked in Morelforni pizza oven.

Relish the classic as well as well crafted innovative preparations by our chefs. The menu starts off with the creamy Le Zuppe soup. Sip in the delight. and boost up your appetite for the main course. Gli e Le insalate a perfect appetizer to boost up your zest for the rest of the course. The pasta and risotto section consists of the delectable Penne ecstasy and Tortelli tricolore in creama di funghi. And then arrives the main course with Gamberoni al forno, Pollo alla Parmiggiana and the Lasagne al Pesto. The climax of this gastronomic tour is marked by the mouthwatering desserts which includes Salame al ciccolato and the Fondante al ciccolato.

So what are you waiting for? Let the exploration of Italian food art begin. Buonappetito!